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Episode 2

Dune - Chapter 2

Hopefully you did not get too comfortable on Caladan because we are on Geidi Prime this week with chapter 2 of Frank Herbert’s "Dune". We sit in on meeting with the Baron and learn his devious plan. As the wine flows we cover…

-Twisted Mentats.

-The night the Baron got his title.

-A spotlight on the Emperor’s motivations.

-The Glossary Game strikes back!

Episode Guide

01:15 Chapter Summary Begins

24:15 Harkonnen Piter's Master Plan

26:45 Piter and Twisted Mentats (This one's for Mike)

01:04:45 Feyd-Rautha Rabban

01:27:00 Verite and Semuta

01:31:00 Glossary Game: NaibSelamlik

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