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Episode 8

Dune - Chapter 8

Don’t get too excited that we’re on Arrakis, or Dr. Yueh will tranq you. We follow Jessica to the south wing of the house. She encounters Yueh, and he will have to employ all of the tricks his Wanna taught him to avoid detection as the traitor. Wait, she only taught him one?!? The wine servok is up and running giving us more time to talk about…

-Wellington Yueh, Big Game Hunter.

-Jessica missing some red flags.

-Is Tupile a package deal?

-And more controversial than ever, the Glossary Game!

Episode Guide

02:10 Chapter Summary Begins

01:14:10 Suk Diamond Tatoo

01:22:50 Worm Theory

01:28:00 Glossary Game: Servok, Schlag



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