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Episode 11

Dune - Chapter 11

The Harkonnens have pushed Leto too far this time! No quotation from Gurney Halleck will calm this fire. That said, there is no shortage of them in this chapter. We’ll be bible experts before we know it. Until then, we meet some grunts fresh from Caladan. We rub elbows with the new arrivals, sharing a bottle of wine, and talk all the latest gossip...

-Gurney wears his emotions on his scar

-We shed some light on Glow Globes

-Derek's world is shattered by Tupali

-Then the Glossary Game is back...Wait what?!? It's Worm Theory Time!

Episode Guide

02:20 Chapter Summary Begins

01:07:20 Imperial Titles

01:12:45 Glow Globes

01:27:05 Glossary Game: El Sayal, Mushtamal



"One of those smooth types of wine you can drink like water..."

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