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Episode 12

Dune - Chapter 12

The Duke is on day two with no sleep. Can he stay awake though what is essentially a power point presentation... in SPACE. After Spice Mining 101, Duncan Idaho shows up with good news and a new friend! We pass on the rachag and stick to our wine, checking out a few tri-d projections of our own...

-Two crysknives in two days, not bad, 

-Ave Old Maria, 

-Fremen Table Manners, 

-The Glossary Game has a Cricket Cameo... what is this show coming to?

Episode Guide

02:25 Chapter Summary Begins

42:15 Harvester Factory

55:30 Carry All / Factory

01:14:30 Enter Idaho and Stilgar

01:55:20 Glossary Game: Cherem, Ijaz


Battle Axe


"Plum and violet characters that mingle harmoniously with...SPICE!"

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