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Episode 20

Dune - Chapter 20

The first Sardaukar shows up, but leaves Mike a little disappointed. He basically has a clipboard and does not seem too invested in his job. Yueh makes the rounds while Arrakeen burns. Once his job is done Mike and Derek pull out that fremkit and take a closer look. With literjons of wine we rummage through its contents. Mike’s speculation runs rampant until it spills over into Worm Theory and…

  • Yueh’s Many Hats,
  • Sardaukar are lousy interrogators,
  • Mapes' room,
  • Then the Glossary Game takes pity on Derek.

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An inebriated exploration of Frank Herbert's Dune.

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I'm an avid audio fan and very excited to learn any thing and everything. My friend Derek and I are broadcasting from Portland, Maine and hoping to not only have a good time creating interesting content but to also learn a thing or two along the way.