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Episode 24

Dune – Chapter 23

Even camping on Arrakis is dangerous. We kick off book two buried in the tent with Paul and Jessica. They are adapting quickly to a life on the run. While Paul works to dig us out, we sit and listen to Jessica recall her dream. Drawing from our wine caches, and not thinking about how they refill, we interpret...

  • Sphincter is always funny,
  • Prescience Paradox,
  • Wandering Zensunni,
  • Then... wait, the Glossary Game is over. What does Mike have up his stillsuit sleeve?

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An inebriated exploration of Frank Herbert's Dune.

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Mike Christman

I'm an avid audio fan and very excited to learn any thing and everything. My friend Derek and I are broadcasting from Portland, Maine and hoping to not only have a good time creating interesting content but to also learn a thing or two along the way.