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Episode 33

Dune - Chapter 32

We're not at sietch yet, but we set up camp at Cave of Riches with our new Fremen allies. Jessica and Stilgar take a sidebar to further negotiate her position in the tribe. Eavesdropping with the rest of the troop, we get the feeling Stilgar just wants to put up the doorseal. Then things get weird. Jessica gets everyone caught up in prayer and prophecy. We turn to Paul and... Paul how you doing buddy?

-Sirat, am I right?!,

-Spicy edibles,

-Derek's selling Jamis hard,

-Then a gooey Gurney is almost killed by guano!

Episode Guide

04:20 Chapter Summary Begins

02:05:15 Jamis

02:30:00 Gurney, Gurney, Gurney

02:34:30 Steven Bruce Gurney


Chateau La Rame

Bordeaux Blanc Sec

"I think it smells worse than it tastes."

Need More to Read?

"Talking to Strangers" by Malcolm Gladwell

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