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Episode 38

Dune - Chapter 37

In a lot of ways its been a long walk for for a short drink of water. Jessica literally takes center stage for the last chapter of book two. We join the fremen for their most sacred ritual and get real close to Mike's dream of a rogue Bene Gesserit; sleepy Reverend Mother Ramallo will have to do. The lines between science and magic start to blur when Jessica drinks the water of life. Minds start merging, a baby starts waking up, and Paul's got no idea what is happening the whole time. As the party begins, Paul and Chani are conspicuously absent, so Mike and Derek grab some spice wine and a table. It's not long before we've joined the crowd singing songs and telling tales of...

-Sorority Pledge Week

-We need a Fremen lawyer

-Zambo's guide to the Water of Life

-The Ramallo Connection

-Then we Gurney, Gurney, Gurney one last Gurney

Episode Guide

07:15 Chapter Summary Begins

42:35 Jessica takes Water of Life

01:55:05 Paul drinks

02:20:50 Mike's predictions on Alia

02:33:50 Water of Life Ritual

02:51:30 Chani Part 2

02:57:15 Reverend Mother Alynda Ramallo

03:22:20 Gurney, Gurney, Gurney

03:29:20 Distrans



2019 Pinot Grigio

"A little citrus note...a sweet start that blooms out with dryness on the tongue."

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