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Episode 41

Dune - Chapter 39

Did the Baron hit his head on his way to meet Hawat? We continue to piece together what has happened during the last two year on Arrakis. There is talk of spies, prophets, and old friends. While Hawat tries to explain the sardaukar for the third time, we rummage around and find a bottle of Piter’s Sapho Juice. With properly stained lips we start trying to unravel all these plans within plan, within plans...

-Why the Emperor really got involved

-That's what the orphan room was for!

-The Rise and Fall of Mentats Gummy Bears

-Then its Geidi Prime Time in the Gazetteer Guide

Episode Guide

02:30 Chapter Summary Begins

59:30  Mentats, History of the Order

01:32:55 Daniel’s Dune Gazetteer: Geidi Prime

02:00:05 Distrans


Summer Water

Rose 2019

“Very fruity palette on the end...strong flavor in the front.”

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