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Episode 42

Dune - Chapter 40

As Paul gets high before his driving test we’re reminded he is no role model. In this haze Paul fills us in on the past two years, like the new Atreides we can look forward to meeting; Alia and Leto II. We take some time to look at the plans within plans as we rush towards impending conflict. When Stilgar starts the rite, we join the troop on the ridge line to watch. We join our favorite fremen to chat over cache water before the old man of the desert shows up...

-Is Paul making Super Soldiers?

-Chani’s Chanty Choir

-Rothar’s Wild Ride

-Then we throw Mayan in the mix with Daniel’s Gazetteer

Episode Guide

06:00 Chapter Summary Begins

02:04:45 Maker Hooks

02:16:30 Wormriding

02:30:10 Daniel’s Dune Gazetteer: Richese and IX

03:01:55 Distrans



Rose 2019

"Raspberry...somehting like currant...and along the lines of apricot"

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"Midnight Rising" by Tony Horwitz

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