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Episode 45

Dune - Chapter 43

Paul's getting the band back together! With a storm oncoming, and Gurney by his side, the captured smuggler band is marched into the caves. Korba learns a lesson on saudaukar ingenuity that will result in many bald sardaukar before this war is over. Paul settles the matter with Stilgar and we all watch a Naib kneel to a Duke. Before the storm has passed we chat with the smugglers to hear the latest out of the Imperium...

-Captain Spicebeard

-Frank or the Encyclopedia?

-A Secret Sardaukar Society

-Then we get to the root of the Emperor’s Prison Planet

Episode Guide

03:00 Chapter Summary Begins

02:16:40 Captain Otto Aramsham, Imperial Sardaukar

02:23:30 Saulsa Secundas As A Prison Planet

02:40:55 Daniels Dune Gazetteer: Saulsa Secundas

03:00:00 Distrans


Cellar Door

Rose Grenache 2019

“It's bone dry at the end.”

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