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Episode 47

Dune - Chapter 45

Detective Chani arrives in style because she's allowed to use a thopter. We meet her with Otheym and get her caught up on the last thirty days. Inside, Jessica makes Chani jump through some formalities for no real reason before we get to Paul. Chani solves the problem in about the same amount of time that Jessica wasted. Paul steals the scene when he wakes up though; the Kwisatz Haderach has arrived. We eavesdrop with Otheym at the doorway and hear Paul’s plan...

-Oh I get it, Cave of Birds

-Melange Spicebeard is still here

-Otheym son of...Uliet!

-We relax in some Axolotl tanks for our trip to the stars

Episode Guide

05:10 Chapter Summary Begins

02:21:15 Otheym and Uliet

02:43:10 Daniels Dune Gazetteer: Bene Tlielax


Band of Roses


“It's got a great tang to it, it's great.”

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