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Episode 49

Dune - Chapter 47

It's one minute until midnight, so we check in with the other side one last time. The Emperor is scolding the Baron, but Alia steals the show upon her entrance. Alia is meeting her grandparents for the first time. She gives grandpa a great big hug before she runs outside to “play”. When the storm hits and the explosions tear the tent down around us, Mike and Derek run into the desert with Alia. We see the rest of the imperial entourage retreat within the ship.

-Where is Rabban?

-Atreides Gom Jabbar

-Possible Gurney Romance

-The Mystery of Wallach IX

Episode Guide

02:35 Chapter Summary Begins

01:44:30 Anuril Corrino

02:23:20 Daniels Dune Gazetteer: Wallach IX

02:36:15 Distrans




“Nice crisp bite to it, a little bit dry.”

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